Join the International FSBO Partner Network!

It is not easy to design a package for private sellers that has the right balance of affordability and effectiveness for the advertiser and profitability for the portal. As a result many sites offer high priced products to sellers that don’t generate many advertiser signups, or they neglect this customer group and opportunity.This partnership opportunity addresses these issues, by delivering a quality service at a low price, with good revenue potential from a range of effective upgrades.

Our aim is to help private sellers to list a property for sale on as many sites as possible, for a low fixed fee, by adding their property once through a single account. The wider the audience and the more diverse the range of sites included in the service, the better the chance a seller will have of finding a buyer for their property. For sellers who want to spend more to market their property, a range of affordable promotional upgrades quickly generate increased exposure on key channels.

FSBO Property Listings

By joining the International FSBO Partner network, you will agree to take private seller listings from Sell My Property and be listed as one of our partner sites. We will supply an XML feed of FSBO listings, which you can process and update daily or weekly – the feed currently contains around 250 listings and rising… Buyer enquiries can be sent via web service or in a fixed format text only email, which can then be processed automatically and sent directly to the advertiser.

Promoting the Service

You will be able to advertise full details of the services on your site, using your choice of banner advertising, email, social or contextual links to drive awareness. Selllers will be able to either register their interest via a tracked contact form, or sign up online via an integrated process that we will set up and manage for you. You can either pass prospective seller leads to our expert sales team who will work to close them, or deal with them directly and keep control of the sales process.

Promotional Upgrades

As these solutions rely heavily on the expertise of our team, the management and execution of these services will always be handled by Sell My Property. Although we will use our Social Media accounts, the Google Adwords, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter campaigns can be used to promote the listing on your site. This gives your website the benefit of additional traffic, brand awareness, user engagement and marketing activity, paid for by advertisers and resourced by us!

Commercial Terms

We pay 50% of the ongoing subscription revenue if you generate leads for for monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly or annual accounts, and 70% if you handle sales directly. We pay 20% for sales of promotional upgrades, or a 10% referral fee if our team sells to your leads – most of the cost of these packages is spent on the campaign. You are not paid anything for listing FSBO properties from other sites on the partner network – this is your contribution to the improvement of the service.


Become an International FSBO Network Partner!