How can I tell how many people have viewed my property online?

If you click on “Manage my listing” you can see some basic performance statistics for your property. You will see the following columns:

Rank: Which tier of results your property appears in. FSBO advertisers are always shown in the highest tier.

Images: How many images are included for your property.

Mapped: Whether geo coordinates have been added.

Views: How many people have clicked in to see the full information on your property. Please note that many more may have seen your listing in the search results or in a featured position – only people accessing the full details are logged.

Leads: How many enquiries you’ve had for your property.

Lead%: The percentage of people viewing the full information that have enquired about your property.

The default view shows these statistics for All Time, but you can change this to show results for This Month, Last Month or the Previous Month.

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