1. Trim the tree

The bigger the better, right? Not necessarily. A Christmas tree will always look most impressive when filling up a room, but your aim here is to make sure your room looks as spacious as possible: trim your tree to keep it narrow, or buy something smaller than you would normally consider, and you can emphasise the size of your room, rather than your festive budget. A table-top tree is a handy way to impress without intimidating visitors.

2. Think red

Baby, it’s cold outside, so make things look as warm as possible by including lots of comforting reds around the place, as well as turning on your heating for any evening viewings. The result is a positive, welcoming vibe that will cheer anyone up after the chill outside.

3. Also think green

Green may not have the same warming effect, but it can add a touch of class: a wreath is festive without looking tacky, while a neat tree can make your home look far more elegant than tinsel everywhere.

4. Avoid Christmas clutter

Family members will come round to view your decorations. Buyers are there to view your home, including its fixtures and fittings. Tinsel on the mantepiece may add a festive vibe for your younger relatives, but it will only hide a potentially impressive feature of your home. The same is even truer of a grand fireplace. Instead of clutter everywhere covering up the quality of your home’s condition, consider centre-pieces or candles.

5. Pile your presents

No Christmas home is complete without presents waiting to be unwrapped, but having these strewn around the property can make people more worried about treading on Uncle Tony’s gift than admiring the kitchen or bedroom. To have the best of both worlds, put them all neatly under the tree. If you’ve followed our advice and picked a smaller tree, pile the packages in the corner of the room so they do not get in the way.

Together with our tips for selling a home in winter, these simple seasonal steps will bring a touch of festive cheer to your property, while still making sure you get the sale you want for Christmas.

Photo: Rudy_kleysteuber