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MOT: Keep your property listing up to speed

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The property market is a race that never stops. With more homes coming on to the market every day, it is important that you do not fall behind and end up in last place on buyers’ wishlists. Your listing needs fine tuning to keep it as efficient as possible.

Three months into a new year, as the market prepares for the spring selling season, it is the perfect time to give your home a quick health-check and make sure it is still roadworthy.

Try carrying out this property MOT to keep your selling plans up to speed.

The Images

Your images are the first thing a buyer will notice, so it is imperative to ensure they are as effective as possible.

Is it raining?

Replace your photo with a picture taken on an appealing, sunny day.

Does your home look clean?

A bit of kitchen clutter or an over-stuffed bin outside can be walked past in person, but a photo freezes those details for all to see. Ensure the outside of your property is tidy, including the driveway, and remove any mess inside.

Are people or animals in the photos?

Remove them: they will only distract from the property.

Are you or your estate agent in the photo?

Take these pictures again to minimise any potential distractions.

Is it dark?

Try to take your photos in the daytime, so you have natural lighting, which will also mean the colours of your home appear natural. Nighttime photos are good, but if you have them, try to include both.

Is your picture skewed?

Use a tripod: this will help your photos (and, therefore, your property) look as professional as possible.

The Asking price

Have you checked the local market?

An unrealistic asking price will only deter buyers from considering your home: be fair, but be reasonable too.

Is Disney World next door?

Your location can give you a bump in price, if you are near a famous tourist attraction or in popular holiday hotspot. Emphasise this in your description to back up your pricing.

How much do you love your home?

Do not price your house emotionally: forget how much you paid originally and be honest about how much the home is worth under current market conditions. A new owner will not pay extra for someone else’s memories.

Have you reduced your price?

Reducing your asking price can help to boost more interest in your home, especially if it has been on the market for a while with no buyers.

When was the last time you checked your boiler?

Maintenance is important to keep your house in good condition. Whether it’s broken pipes, a busted boiler, or even pests such as termites, giving your home’s health a once-over can prevent your home losing its value.

The Description

How many bedrooms/bathrooms does your home have?

Include both, as well as other noteworthy rooms.

Is Disney World next door?

Mention it – see above.

Are your sentences long?

Keep things concise. People want to read an advert, not an academic journal.

Are your honest?

You should be.

Why should someone buy your home?

Make sure you tell them! Emphasise your key selling points – location? Price? – at the top of your listing, preferably by bullet points, if possible.

Have your read through your listing?

Do it now: after putting effort into your property photos, your listing should be proofread for errors to also appear as professional as possible.

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