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Christmas is coming: Speed up your home sale

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Christmas is coming early for many homeowners this year, as new research reveals that if they want to up sticks and move by the end of December, they need to act now. In the UK, it takes an average of 83 days to sell a home, but with conveyancing included (an average of 12 weeks), the overall process, from listing it to moving home, typically takes 167 days, a total of over five months.

July, therefore, is the best time of year to start thinking about listing your home, if you’re hoping to complete the selling and buying process before the year is out. Not able to list your property for sale until you’re back from holiday? Want to find a buyer even sooner? Here are our fool-proof tips to speed up your property sale:

Research your agent

Researching the market is normally the first thing a homeowner will do before listing their home, but it is equally important to research the estate agents in the nearby area: you can be sure of having more than one to choose from and they can prove a useful way to value your home. Instead of trusting the first valuation you’re given, or plumping for the agent who promises the highest asking price, ask for several valuations from different companies. Find out how many of them have had successful previous sales – and whether these sales fetched their asking price – to determine which is the most reliable. Another measure of trustworthiness is whether they are registered with the National Association of Estate Agents, or other industry body.

Prepare your paperwork – or remove it entirely

Contact a solicitor in advance of selling your home to determine what paperwork you will need. Any that can be sorted in advance, prepare as soon as possible so that they will not cause any delays further down the line. There are also ways to reduce the amount of paperwork involved, with online conveyancing services making it possible to carry out all the legal procedures without the time taken required by pen, paper and postage stamps.

Improve your first impression

You may be very familiar with your property, but a buyer will likely make up their mind on whether they would be prepared to purchase it within the first moments of seeing it. To avoid deterring people, and to increase the likelihood of receiving offers, create a good first impression: tidy the outside, consider giving a fresh lick of paint to your front door and ensure that your listing photos are as attractive as possible.

Don’t put off repairs

Putting off problems will only slow down the overall sale: sort out your repairs immediately and you will avoid any unexpected obstacles, from undetected structural obstacles or messy breakages to workmen not being available to carry out the relevant work. This will also ensure that your valuation is as accurate as possible.

Price fairly

An unrealistic price is the biggest cause of a sale falling through. Pricing too high is a common trait among sellers, who hope, at the very least, to negotiate to a lower fee. Do not fall into this trap: obtaining multiple valuations and considering the current market conditions will help you to price your home at a fair, reasonable price that will prove difficult to resist.


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