With values rising, areas can slowly transform from affordable to high-end markets, leaving your modestly-priced home surrounded prime properties. When you sell your property, how can you ensure you get the best possible price for it?

Here are 10 simple steps to make the most of your expensive postcode:

1. Clean the exterior

The first step when selling any home should be cleaning it ready for both your property listing photos and, eventually, viewings. The outside is the most important, as it creates any visitor’s first impression. Making your exterior as shiny and pristine as possible will help it look at home among the more expensive pads in the area.

2. Tidy the interior

Once you have polished the outside, do not forget to take care of the interiors too: people associate cleanliness and class, so remove any clutter that is crowding your rooms and hallways.

3. Buy flowers

Flowers are great for bringing a room to life, but they also lift the luxury levels higher, especially if they are freshly cut.

4. Accessorise

If you are not using flowers, other objects can be used to accessorise your rooms and create the impression of expense. A large cushion or a colourful throw can transform an average couch, while mirrors and picture frames can help add a glint of cool metal. If you are decorating with picture frames, though, choose silver over gold to avoid looking garish.

5. Handles and knobs

It is not just your living room and bedroom that can be accessorised: your kitchen can be improved too, just by replacing the doorknobs for your cupboards.

6. Paint the walls

A fresh lick of paint will always help to make a property seem newer. To really make your home feel large and impressive, try white paint, which gives a spacious feel while also highlighting the colours of any accessories you have bought.

7. Upgrade your floors

Thick carpets can create a comfortable experience for your feet, but if you want to look wealthy, consider wooden flooring, which will add to the minimalist vibe of a luxury home.

8. Pay someone to stage your home

Staging a home is important if you need to create the best possible impression. Hiring a professional to arrange it for you will cost money, but could pay off when it comes to delivering high class listing photos and home viewings.

Photo: Champagne Chic