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6 secrets to staging your home like a pro

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Staging your home is an essential part of making your property as attractive as possible to any buyers coming to view your home. While the term sounds scary, though, the act itself can be suprisingly easy – as long as you know the secrets that the professionals don’t tell you.

Can’t afford to hire someone else to stage your home? Try these six tips:

1. Make room

Space is the biggest selling point of any home and at no time is that better showcased than during a viewing: a smooth, uninterrupted tour with no obstacles will highlight how much room there is. Make sure that you make room for you and your guests by moving furniture (or removing furniture). Now that you have that space, you have more opportunities to accessorise with vases, fruit bowls and cushions.

2. Depersonalise and declutter

When was the last time you bought a person, or their family? Buyers are there to view your home, not your personal life: removing photos and other possessions will keep their focus on your property. Decluttering will help to avoid distraction further, emphasising the amount of space available for them to leave their own personal mark on the home.

3. Fresh linen

Fresh linen is a small gesture that can often be overlooked by sellers, but fluffy towels add a subtle air of luxury to a bathroom and fresh sheets add a clean atmosphere to a bedroom. Spotless tea towels also avoid spillages and stains making your kitchen look anything less than perfect.

4. Light up

Natural light is good photos, but once your home is being viewed in person, odd shadows from your electric lamps will add character and dimension to a room: even if is the afternoon, do not be afraid to turn them on.

5. Go green

Flowers are crucial to building a welcoming, positive air: even a well kept front garden can create a cheerful first impression, setting an upbeat mood for the rest of their visit. Potted plants in your porch or hallway can reinforce the vibe, while clean windows will bring out the colour.

6. Clean, clean clean

Your furniture is out of the way, your personal items are hidden: all that is left is to make the rest of your home as clean as possible. Scrub the grout in your bathroom, vacuum (or steam) your carpets, bleach the sink: you never know where buyers will look. That includes your spare room too: if you have used it as a storage space for the above objects, make sure you place them somewhere else. Why not turn it into a study or a bookcase? Emphasising the potential of a spick and span extra room can be a major selling point for families.

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