Individuals are the ones doing the searching. “Your” and “my” are the most common words used by to find help with selling property, appearing in over 90,000 searches each month. Strong-minded sellers target their searches even more precisely, adding the adverb “privately” 7,265 times to find the advertising service they want. “Myself” and “yourself” are also used in a total of 4,355 searches, showing that the market is full of homeowners eager to sell – and determined to do so alone.


Speed is the main priority for sellers. 40,657 monthly searches involve the words “fast”, “quick” or “quickly”, pointing to a large group of people urgent to find a buyer for their house as soon as possible. A further 8,448 searches also target online options, as an increasing number of sellers turn to property websites to provide the fastest service available.


The most striking finding is that this is true of sellers all over the world.

“Australia” appears in 19 different search phrases, but these are typed into Google 2,936 times each month. “Florida” has the second highest number of sellers, with 22 phrases involving the Sunshine State generating a total of 1,640 monthly searches. Sellers in Spain, on the other hand, only produce 979 searches per month, but Spanish property features in the highest number of phrases, with sellers using 26 different combinations to hunt for ways to sell their home. France and London complete the top five seller destinations, following closely by Bulgaria, Scotland and Dubai.

SellMyProperty.org launches today to meet this strong global demand for a fast way to sell property. The service is a simple and effective way for individuals around the world to advertise any form of real estate. The solution is specifically tailored to property owners in tourist resorts where the majority of the properties are used as holiday homes, or in global locations where a property is sold as a rental investment, often to an international buyer.

However, this doesn’t mean agents need to be cut out of the equation. Sell My Property director Dan Johnson explains: “We’re not saying estate agents do a bad job, or that owners shouldn’t use them. But the reality is that foreign buyers dominate the real estate market in many areas around the world and local agents aren’t always best placed to reach the right audience. We think the ideal solution is work with a local agent on a non-exclusive basis and then use our service to cast the net that much wider.”

The network of sites to which SellMyProperty.org distributes its listings attract more than 600,000 buyers worldwide looking for holiday homes, investments and land developments. By targeting this universal audience, SellMyProperty.org can save sellers the cost of agent fees and provide them with what they search for every month of the year: a fast way to sell their property online by themselves.

Johnson continues: “It’s staggering to see how many homeowners are searching for a way to sell their property. Thousands of people in so many different countries don’t know where the best place is to advertise their homes. Traditional property markets, such as Turkey, USA and Portugal, have fewer people searching for ways to sell, perhaps because buyer demand has already prompted them to sign up with local agents or property portals. But for the thousands still asking this question around the world, we think SellMyProperty.org is the answer they’ve been looking for.”